Floating Offshore Wind Solutions (OWSplus)

Project Duration: 08/2019 - 07/2022

Logo des OWSplus-Projektes

The Alliance OWSplus project strives for a top technological position in the three main areas of the technology platform (floating substructures, floating multi-purpose platform, installation and operation of floating wind farms). The LWET is involved in the joint work packages 1 & 3.

The aim of collaborative project 1 is to develop innovative design, manufacturing and planning technologies, which are used in the development, production and installation of the floating substructures. Under the aspect of maximum standardization of assemblies and components of the floating substructures, both manufacturing and handling technologies as well as the entire planning of the construction and control of manufacturing facilities and logistics processes for an optimized provision of the end product "floating substructure" should be developed as a prototype , These developments are of fundamental importance for the Alliance's economic success and competitive position.

The goals of collaborative project 3 are the development of technologies for the planning, installation and operation of floating wind farms. A digitized development basis for the distributed construction sequences of floating wind farms is created, which enables worldwide planning and evaluation of future projects. For the installation of the wind turbines (tower, machine house, blades) on the floating substructures developed in joint project 1 at deep water locations, i.e. H. Without fixed jack-up ships, new technologies are needed, the development of which is a sub-goal of this collaborative project. An autonomous underwater monitoring system based on autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) as well as the necessary sensor and charging technology are to be developed for the permanent and safe operation of all underwater structures (buoyancy elements, anchoring, cables).