Test Rig for Scaled Wind Turbines (HAWT / VAWT)

In collaboration with the Chair of Ocean Engineering, the Chair of Wind Energy Technology established a test rig in November 2016, which is designed to measure and determine the efficiency levels of scaled wind turbines. The project will involve the recording and analysis of cp(λ) curves for various rotor designs in the University of Rostock’s Large Subsonic Wind Tunnel. In addition, the test rig is fitted with an electronic systems of a type installed in modern wind turbines, which will enable an improved comparison between the empirical values generated and the corresponding parameters from real wind turbines.

Basic Mechanical Concept

Expansion Stage 1: Construction of a test rig for direct drive vertical axis wind turbines (VAWT)


CAD model of the test rig.
CAD model of the test rig for direct-drive vertical-axis wind turbines (VAWT).

Expansion Stage 2: Extension of the test rig constructed in Expansion Stage 1 so as to enable the testing of horizontal axis wind turbine (HAWT) as well.

Basic Electrical Concept

  • Regulated generator operation of the servo drive component
  • Rotational speed and torque regulation (including rpm recording)
  • Direct recording of the overall torque moment via a separate sensor (not shown in the image)
  • Dissipation of the generated electrical output via a
  • Brake chopper integrated within the frequency converter
  • Collation and analysis of the recorded empirical values (torque, rotational speed, wind velocity, temperature etc.) using a high-performance measurement amplifier
  • Operator-friendly control and analysis software
  • A high-precision mensuration system
Circuit diagram of the basic electrical configuration of the test rig.
Circuit diagram of the basic electrical configuration of the test rig.