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To make an active contribution to and to support innovations in the wind energy sector, the staff of the Chair of Wind Energy Technology undertake application-oriented research into various current problem areas in the field of wind power engineering. Via a comprehensive series of relevant collaborative exchanges with various partners in industry we are able to combine our research experience with empirical experience from the industrial sector. The particular focus of current research, in this context, is on the development of innovative machine engineering and structural concepts for wind energy technology, the simulation and mensuration of wind turbines and the wind field, as well as other subjects such as the integration of wind-generated electrical power into the national grid, decentralised energy supply and energy storage. Subordinated objectives of all of the above-mentioned topics are the reduction of primary costs for electricity generated with the aid of wind power and increasing the reliability of the associated technology.

Schematic representation of the research focuses of the Chair of Wind Energy Technology (Design Concepts for Wind Turbines, Simulating Wind Turbines, Test and Verification, Energy Sector Coupling and Storage Technologies)
The research focus of the Chair of Wind Energy Technology at a glance.


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