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The Chair of Wind Energy Technology offers a series of practice-oriented courses relating to everything connected with the subject of wind energy. Each of these courses will provide participants with an optimum preparation for a future career in the wind energy sector and associated branches of industry. The modules offered are primarily aimed at students at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Marine Technology. However, they are also open to students of other faculties. Modules are offered at both Bachelor and Master's level.

In the Bachelor Programme, the Modern Wind Turbines introductory lecture provides a basic understanding of wind turbine technology. Several specialist modules presented in the context of our Master's Programme address more advanced topics in the field of wind energy technology.  The core of our Master's-level Wind Energy Technology specialisation programme comprises the mandatory module Wind Energy Technology, as well as Simulating Wind Turbines, Design of Wind Turbines and Offshore Wind Energy courses.

To provide even more in-depth training in relation to specific topics, the chair also presents a number of complexes of problems to be tackled in the course of individual projects and research studies as well as for Bachelor and Master theses.

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